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Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing.

Paid marketing is one of the top-notch ways to market your product or service nowadays. We at Forward-Thinker, expertly craft a marketing campaign to generate a fresh pipeline of potential buyers. Our marketing campaigns are based upon strong research about targeted consumer behavior, geographic, and demographic backgrounds. That’s why we ensure you the best return on every single penny you spend on ads.

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What We Provide:

Social Media Marketing

✔ Social media marketing is the need of the hour. We are happy to provide SMM services with proven strategies and tactics.

✔ The Forward-Thinker has completed social media campaigns for dozens of national and international brands.

✔ We're experts in creating and sharing valuable content that will help you to gain inbound marketing and branding aims.

Shopping campaign

✔ At Forward-Thinker, you’ll get shopping campaigns that will help your business to promote the inventory online, grab quality leads, and foster traffic to your online store or website.

✔ Our writers will add captions that will stir up the readers within seconds, our graphic designers will design a fascinating photo or video about the product along with the catchy title, price, and store name.

✔ We launch shopping campaigns based on competitive data and research-based reports prepared by our highly enthusiastic teams.

Display Marketing

✔ We’re creating a notable impact on the sales of our clients with the help of display marketing. It helps us to grab your target audience from a website and a social media platform.

✔ It’s a mixture of texts that hooks the reader, a video that mesmerizes the scroller, and a picture that stops the visitors to hold their breath for a moment.

✔ Forward-Thinker channelizes the idea of display marketing that motivates the viewer to pay a visit to your landing page and make an order.

Video Ads

✔ The Forward-Thinker can make a story and publish it as a video ad to promote your products and services within your budget.

✔ We know that people like to watch videos and only we can make a 2-minute story that will truly represent your customer’s needs and automatically encourage them to buy their solutions.

✔ We provide the best quality Animation videos along with perfectly matched sounds, commercial rights, subtitles, HD and 4K, and professional voice-over in your desired language.

Email Marketing

✔ Forward-Thinker helps you to grow your business from scratch through effective email marketing. It’s the only way to get a higher ROI with an average percentage of 4300%.

✔ We offer budget-friendly email marketing campaigns that are not only healthier for a new start-up but also for the established brands as well.

✔ We create PC and mobile-friendly email ads that give an impression of a real email rather than spam that is normally put into the trash by the customers.

Microsoft Ads

✔ Microsoft ads are something that is not offered by every marketing agency. But we’re proud to announce that at Forward-Thinker, you can get all things under one roof.

✔ We provide perfect marketing services for Microsoft users that can stimulate customer’s needs and wants in town.

✔ We publish ads through Microsoft Advertising that helps to reach out to your potential clients through Bing and Yahoo search engines.

Pay Per Click PPC

✔ Forward-Thinker comes with years of experience in the inbound marketing industry. We have an outstanding track record when you talk about PPC marketing.

✔ We value every hill of beans you pay for one-click that brings potential buyers to your landing page. We provide a team of experts that can work on the proven PPC strategy to drive results for your business.

✔ Forward-Thinker is named as the master of Google and we mean it. We not only spend time and effort on paid advertising through Adwords but also work on generic leads.

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